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OnSiteForm Helps Take The Danger Out Of Lifting

OnSiteForm is a mobile web-based site inspection management system.


Lifting Gear and Safety Ltd (LGS) are an independent company specialising in the hire and servicing of Lifting and Safety Equipment with much experience in the field of Lifting Gear and Height Safety Equipment and understand the importance of fast, reliable and well maintained solutions for their customers’ needs.

Manual recording and management of large lifting equipment inventories was very time consuming as LGS’s Gary Moorhouse explains:

Keeping on top of 500 to 1000 items for just one client with a manual system consumes a lot of time, some of which we dearly would have liked to spend on other activities in our business!

Gary Moorhouse (LGS)

However, where some people might have seen a problem to overcome Gary saw an opportunity, and decided to approach Formability.


OnSiteForm Helps LGS Conquer This Challenge

Formability have extensive experience of providing web based site inspection systems with several lifting companies. Following extensive discussions with Gary, they developed the OnSiteForm site inspection system to suit the requirements of LGS.

OnSiteForm comes equipped with a host of powerful asset management features including the ability to:

  • conveniently record test and inspection results on an iPad, IPhone, Android tablets and smart phones.
  • allow remote working without an internet connection, users can synchronise when complete.
  • provide “instant” inspection reports in pdf form at the touch of a button

LGS Clients Love It

From LGS’s perspective, OnSiteForm provides a more cost effective “paperless” management system that improves their productivity and releases valuable management time to develop other aspects of their business.

Furthermore, it is helping LGS to win more new clients. Gary explains:

When we show clients how OnSiteForm works they can immediately grasp the simplicity and power of its use on tablets and smart phones. Then they see past that and come to appreciate the benefits of having a system which provides an early warning that flags up when lifting tackle is due for inspection, a safer colour coded process that means that equipment is not put into service accidentally and an aid to planned refurbishment and replacement.

Gary Moorhouse (LGS)

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Borden Lifting Services Ltd

Borden Lifting Services Ltd Recommend OnSiteForm

Borden Lifting Services Ltd have introduced the OnSiteForm system into our lifting equipment inspections and like the feel and functionality of the system, The entering of information is easy as is retrieving this for future inspections. We also like the app as we are currently in talks with a company working underground and with the app we can sync the clients site to an iPad and carry out the inspection with no internet connection needed and upon completion and connecting to an available internet connection when available we can then resync back to the clients portal. Our current clients that we have on the system to date have said that they find the whole system beneficial for inventory and audit purposes and it cuts down the time searching for certificates, scanning and email as you can save the PDF to your computer and then attach to send on email thus cutting down on office admin time.

Paul Bishop (Borden Lifting Services)